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PMEX : your log and lumber contact in France

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French wood: PMEX, the answer to your needs created in 2005 by Gonzague Van Robaeys, PMEX is now positioned as a key partner and proximity in the purchase and sale of logs (oak, beech, ash, poplar...) from France or oak sawn.

With a network of reliable foresters, PMEX, although it is a company on a human scale, can respond quickly to professionals looking for French logs to export and a person that can respond to their needs of logs, lumber diln dried, cant...

Also, do not hesitate to visit our website, it is daily updated.

Features of the French forest (Source: Agreste-2010)
- nearly 16 million hectares.
- 3rd forest in Europe.
- 10.909 hectares of hardwoods including 8.354 hectares of private forest.

- Main species :
   • 71% of hardwood (pedunculate oak, sessile oak and pubescent, beech, chestnut, hornbeam, ash...)
   • 29% of softwood (spruce, Douglas, maritime pine, pine Sylvestre...)